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Happy Easter

Hey everyone what's up? I haven't been on here in a while...so here goes nothing...it gonna cost me 100 bucks to start my SCW training in Laurens. Why become a wrestler? a couple of reasons....Reason One...
The love of my life, David Flair all beaten up by taker.*thanks Ric...never piss off taker*

Yes David you really are The*read his shirt*

David with Vince McMahon...looking good Dave!

A random promo pic

David as a groom at his "wedding" to Stacey Kiebler (Ms. Hancock AkA Miss Peacock!) You should of stuck with Daffney!

This was a couple made in heaven

see what I mean

reason two....

The sexy beast, Chris Jericho!

Reason Three...

Mr. Extreme, Matt Hardy V1.0 at Myrtle beach 1/1/04 *sucks to be me man*

Matt with WWE Gold

Matt with reason 4, Amy Dumas, aka LITA!

Reason Four....

The lovely Lita...one part of my Summer "The Storm" Andrews character...she's one of my idols...and why not I mean look at her

Reason Five....

Three words...billion dollar princess...that's right Stephanie McMahon...

Last but definately not least Reason Six...

The scream queen herself, Shannon Spurill-Ward...aka DAFFNEY!

In her black wedding gown, talking about Miss Peacock hitting on her man David Flair.

After promising David to say backstage at uncensored during the bam bam/wall match...

Looking on

Daffney just caught David in the arms of that ex-hooter girl, miss peacock's arms

Shannon's beautiful celtic knot tattoo

Arol's got a boyfriend...we all know where she's been hugging and a kissing! Arol's got a boyfriend....

I'm just playing with you! i have to get up early and go to church in the morning....I don't wanna! Well I'm off to watch my David! *SCREAMS like Daffney*

HA HA! Night!

Oh...for Candi

Ace Hardy SCW superstar

Ace Hardy
Hometown: Camron, North Carolina
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 248 lbs.
Years Pro: 5
Website: www.firebred.com
Career Highlights: SCW World Champion, SCW United States Champion, SCW Television Champion(2), SCW Xtreme Champion
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