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Krazy K injured....

Hey everyone, what's up?! I was just on Krazy's message board...you guys have to read this...

Inside sources and NAWFwrestling.com message board reports that our new addiction krazy k suffured a colapsed lung form a ruptruied blood vessle and was hospitialized after the match. Word is that the injury occured with in the first few minutes of his match and he continued to wrestle for the fans for another 5-7 mins. Latest on the situation is that K is still being monitored by the doctors and my be released later this week. Im sure I speak for all the addicted when I say get well soon K, you are in our prays. (Insider Eric Explorer)

And this is the reply:

To clear up a few things until K can update everyone better...K is under a doctor's care; luckily he didn't have to be admitted to the hospital. He has a tube in to facilitate the reinflation of the lung. It should be out by Friday, at which point he can make the trip home. Hopes are that he'll only miss his matches for the month of June; however, he will be at every show on his schedule. He thanks all of his fans and friends who have sent their best. (T-Diddy)

I don't know about you guys, but I hope that Krazy is okay and is able to get back into the ring soon! I really looked forward to seeing him at the WWC arena the 25th. I can't wait to see Dex in action! I'm gonna enjoy that! My prayers are with Krazy. I hope that he gets better soon!
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