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HEY GUYS! What's up? I know that I haven't updated in liKe forever so here i go...my sister is on probation. She has to do community service and take three three hour classes at Tech. Justin had a acting thing today...I hope that he had fun. I have the pictures from the photoshoot and I wanna take them to him. I hope that his mom will let me. I'm sorry that I upset her. I just have no other place to vent. I really hate that Debbie hates me. Cause I really had fun hanging out with Justin and I admired his mom. It's gonna cost me $100 to train for wrestling! Yeah baby!

read the fic I wrote by clicking http://www.fanfiction.net/read.php?storyid=1792719 </lj>

I need to get together with Kenzie to work on her profile. Hey JB if you read this...I was hoping that your mom would let me come over and show you the pics and stuff. So, just leave me a message.

I'm gonna go. I'll catch you guys later.
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